As you are likely aware, COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that is spreading around the world – has recently been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. As your EAP provider, we are writing to you today to share an important evolution in our pandemic plan, one designed to add an additional layer of protection against the spread of this virus for you and your family members accessing EAP counselling services through Homewood. We also want to provide you with answers to a few frequently asked questions surrounding COVID-19 and the impact on Homewood services. 

Social distancing is a concept supported by health care and infectious disease clinicians as a key way to limit the spread of COVID-19. Over the next couple of weeks, we will begin to implement telephonic counselling services in place of face to face counselling in offices across the country. The research that has been conducted over the last decade or more is very clear – the efficacy of telephone-based counselling equals that of face to face. We have been delivering telephonic counselling for many years with solid results and high levels of client satisfaction. 

In order to continue providing services to you, but to mitigate any possible health risks, if counselling is the appropriate service for you and/or your family members, you will be offered telephonic sessions until the spread of the COVID-19 virus is slowed and the guidance from trusted sources reverts to normal. 

Additionally please find some answers to some COVID-19 related questions you may have, below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. 

Thank you, 

Homewood Health

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